Michelle Keegan Reveals Why Her Realtionship With Strictly Come Dancing’s Mark Wright Is So Strong

Michelle Keegan has claimed that she knew Mark Wright was Mr. Right from the get-go of their relationship.

The 27-year-old actress was talking about plans for her Wedding to the former TOWIE star, when she revealed that as soon as things started to get serious between the two of them she knew he was the one for her.

Michelle explained how their romance took off so quickly, saying: “I realised pretty early on. It just felt right.”

Talking to Look she revealed that their relationship just came naturally, like they were made for each other: “We’d known each other for years through mutual friends but as we started to date, I soon realised: ‘Yeah, I want this to go further.’ I think I just became more and more secure.”

Which is nice, but at the same time seems a little too similar to a Disney film plot.

But it’s not just Michelle who feels so very confident in their relationship, as Mark Wright ended any speculation about the couple having trouble because of Strictly Come Dancing or its curse.

Because of Michelle being based in Manchester (where she’s filming a new drama) and Mark spending increasing amounts of time away from here practicing in London for the BBC competition, people had begun to speculate they could be the next couple to be struck by the curse.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror Mark asserted that the only way a couple could fall prey to the dreaded Strictly relationship curse would be if they were unhappy– other famous victims include Susanna Reid, Rachel Riley, and now Caroline Flack.

Mark said: “If you’re in a genuinely happy, strong, beautiful relationship it just doesn’t enter your head. It’s never been a question for us, genuinely.”

So that would mean that Mark and Michelle are “genuinely” in a good place, which is nice – we’re just not sure if it’s going a little too far labelling your own relationship “beautiful” Mark.

Still we’re glad they’ll finally be able to spend some time together over Christmas when they both have breaks in their busy scheduels.

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