Michelle Keegan Tells Lauren Goodger To "Back Off" After Snide Instagram Picture

You’re DEFFO over him, aren’t you Lauren Goodger?

The original TOWIE couple had a stormy on/ off relationship for over ten years and  even got ever-so-romantically engaged in a pub car park back in 2011 before calling it quits just months later.

Since then, Mark Wright has fallen in love with Corrie hottie Michelle Keegan and the two got engaged last October on a private, candle-lit beach. 

Pffffft, who needs a candlelit beach – give us a pub car park and kebab any day, right Lauren?

Anyways, whilst Mark seems to have well and truly moved on from his childhood love the same can’t really be said for 27-year-old Lauren, who has yet again appeared to make a dig at her ex and his fiance when she posted this on MazSight last week alongside the caption “Haha, this made me giggle”:


Although it can sometimes be hard to work out the meaning behind cryptic celeb MazSight posts such as these, Lauren has a BIT of a reputation for bitterly blabbing about her ex on Twitter and in her magazine column, which leaves little doubt that this latest not-so-subtle jibe is MOST DEFINITELY directed at Mark.

Mark already took to Twitter back in May to beg Lauren to stop “disrespecting” himself and his fiance, to leave him out of her public conversations, to “stop embarrassing” herself and to “start having some respect and MOVE ON” – yikes!

With that message clearly not doing the trick, it appears as though Michelle may have taken a break from snacking on Magnums to give Lauren a piece of her mind.

According to a mysterious source, Michelle got hold of Lauren’s number and messaged her to ask that she “backs off” and leaves the couple be.

Lauren then replied to say that the MazSight was nothing to do with them and that Michelle shouldn’t be so “self-involved”.


It just goes on and on!

Meanwhile, Lauren isn’t  just famous for taking swipes at her ex and his new squeeze, she has also hit the headlines recently for “accidentally” posting this bare-bum snap to MazSight, apparently starring in a sex tape THAT NOBODY IN THE world HAS ACTUALLY SEEN, and vowing to go into Celebrity Big Brother and “tell all”.

You know what Michelle, we think that Lauren might be right – with her busy schedule there’s no way that she has the time to actively seek snidey pictures to post about you and Mark.

No way whatsoever.


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