Michelle Keegan Turns Down Holly Willoughby’s Celebrity Juice Maternity Cover

We would have thought she would have been all over this.

Michelle Keegan has reportedly turned down the opportunity to cover Holly Willoughby’s maternity leave from Celebrity Juice.

Apparently, Michelle ‘loves the show’ but ‘has other work commitments’.


Nothing to do with the fact last time she appeared on the show they tipped a load of jellied eels over her head…

Keith Lemon is predictably gutted.

Instead, it’s believed that since leaving Corrie earlier this year Michelle is keen to land a part in a drama and stick to what she knows best – acting.

She said: “I’d love to be totally transformed for a part with a really dramatic look and some completely out-there costumes. I’m a massive fan of ‘game of Thrones’.”

Could that be a hint?

“I’ve always wanted to play Henry VIII’s wife. Comedy and costume drama would be my fantasy come true.”

So Game Of Thrones – if you are reading – get in touch because Michelle wants a part! Just lay off the jellied eels, yeah?

But who will step in for Holly over on Celeb Juice instead of Michelle? Well, rumoured replacements include Kelly Brook who filled in for Fearne Cotton when she left to have her bambino.

Keith Lemon recently told Bang Showbiz: “I’ve heard Kelly, but I don’t know. I don’t care [who it is]. It makes sense for Kelly ‘cos she did a good job first time round.”

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