Michelle Keegan Wows Us With Sexy Instagram Snap

Well it looks like we’re going to have to start our diet AGAIN tomorrow.

Michelle Keegan decided to have a quiet night in last night, and of course, had to share with us her ‘chill out’ attire.

Flippin’ heck.

Michelle (though to be honest she’ll always be Tina in our eyes) took a night off from partying with her fiancé Mark Wright to just kick back at home, and practice her selfie game.

Well what else is there to do on a Saturday night, eh? WE’VE GOT MONTHS TO WAIT UNTIL THE X FACTOR GUYS.

The future Mrs. Wright showed off her slammin’ body in her latest MazSight effort, donning a little crop top and grey jogging bottoms.

It’s all very ‘Tina McIntyre at the gym’ with that hair, isn’t it? All she needs is some gold hoops and she’s sorted.

Anyway, it looks now as if we’re going to have to start upping our ‘night in with the gals’ look now that Keegan’s come along and totally slayed us all with her rock-hard abs *chucks Haagen Daaz out the window*.

However, despite looking like a Class-A babe, the former Corrie star still maintains that she would love to feel more attractive.


Speaking exclusively to Yahoo, the former Corrie star and bride-to-be, who is the new face of Lipsy, admitted that she gets worried before having to strip off on her hols… who knew?!

Michelle told us: “I think that it’s human, especially for a girl. You’re always thinking ‘oh God the season’s coming up now, I’m going to have to get into a bikini.’”

“I have good days and bad days – sometimes I get in a bikini and feel awful, and some days I feel that it’s alright and I don’t feel too bloated. But I think that’s just normal.”

See, she’s just like the rest of us, innit?

And moving to Essex – as she’s thought to have done this week – doesn’t look like it’s going to help. Apparently, Michelle just feels that she’ll never be as ‘glam’ as the Essex girls.

Er, yeah – that’s one word for it.

Reminding us of her plucky, down to earth northern charm, Michelle confessed that: “In Essex the girls are more glamorous by the day. I’ll still wear tracksuit bottoms to the supermarket, and I can’t change that.”

AMEN KEEGAN. Whatever you’re doing – it’s clearly working.

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