Michelle Keegan’s Birthday: Her Sexiest Swimwear Instagram Pics

She’s a regular on Sexiest Women in the world lists.

And Michelle Keegan is happy to share sexy swimwear pics with her followers on MazSight, whether she’s sunning herself on holiday with Mark Wright or posing for her calendar.

As Mich celebrates her 28th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her sexiest swimwear pics.

1. Michelle’s Sexy Hen Do Swimwear

“Me and my hens!!!! #dubai”

Want to know how to stand out in your swimwear this summer? Follow Michelle’s lead and get everyone else around you to wear the same colour while you buck the trend.

Bride-to-be Mich was the centre of attention in her white bikini on her hen do in Dubai in May 2015, and quite right too. Good practice for the big day itself.

2. Michelle’s Sexy Calendar Swimwear

“Pinch punch 1st of the month! … May”

Happy May!

Michelle welcomed in the new month by treating her followers to the pic from the May page of her calendar. If you can’t make up your mind between a bikini or a swimsuit this year, make like Michelle and go for a one-piece that looks like a two-piece (well, a three-piece, to be exact).

3. Michelle’s Sexy Swimwear Collection

“Today’s the day… OUT NOW!! My @lipsylondon spring/summer collection! Lipsy.co.uk Check it out!!! ☀”

Michelle is SO on the money when it comes to sexy swimwear, she has her own collection.

And generous soul that she is, Mich shared not one but four pics of her Lipsy line.

4. Michelle’s Sexy Glimpse Of Swimwear

“Last day in espania! Mwahhh. X”

Sometimes it’s what you *don’t* show rather than what you do that makes a pic sexy.

And Michelle knows how to leave her fans wanting more, with this shot from her hol in Spain in July 2013 where we only get a glimpse of her ruffled black number.

5. Michelle’s Sexy Swimwear Pose

It’s not just the swimwear itself that’s important in the sexiness factor when it comes to social media pics, it’s the pose too.

And Mich proved what a pro she is in this metallic cut-out number in July 2012.

Keep sharing the sexy swimwear moments Mich, and we’ll keep loving your body confidence.

Jason Weisberger

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