Michelle Obama Flubs Candidate's Name: 'I'm Losing It, I'm Getting Old'

First Lady Michelle Obama endured ridicule Saturday as footage circulated of her telling a crowd at a campaign rally, “I’m losing it. I’m getting old,” after mispronouncing Iowa Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bob Braley’s name seven times in her remarks. Obama, who was in Iowa to show support for Braley, repeatedly pronounced his name as “Bailey” in her speech before supporters yelled the correct pronunciation.

“Braley, what did I say?” she asked after the crowd corrected her. “I’m losing it. I’m getting old. I’ve been traveling too much.”

A video recording of Obama’s gaffe was played on Fox News, which poked fun at her for the flub, delighting folks in conservative and Republican circles who say they believe she and President Barack Obama are increasingly out of touch.

“What’s in a name? For Michelle Obama, a whole lot of confusion,” Fox News chortled.

Even CNN took her to task for saying at the outset of her speech she was “very excited to be here” at a campaign rally for a candidate whose name she seemed unable to remember.

“The next time Michelle Obama goes to rally for a candidate at a campaign event, she might want to take a good look at the sign pasted on the front of her podium,” the network snarked.

Obama, for her part, appears to have taken the mistake in stride. She laughed as she explained the reason for her oversight.

Rob Cesternino

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