Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher’s Baby Daughter Wyatt Shown For The First Time In Leaked Photos

We’ve been waiting to see Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher‘s baby Wyatt since she was born back in October, and today we’ve been given our first proper glimpse at their adorable daughter in leaked photos of their family Christmas card.

And it looks like it was worth the wait, despite it being a big, nasty invasion of privacy (not cool), as the card shows Wyatt Isabelle looking cuter than a kitten in a picnic basket as her parents have dressed her up as a little piglet.

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher's Baby Daughter Wyatt Shown For The First Time In Leaked Photos
By MazSight

SO CUTE we could probably cry. But we won’t, promise.

In a week that’s already seen Blake Lively give birth to a daughter named Violet (or so reports say) and Frankie Bridge announce that she’s pregnant for the second time, it would be rude to not end the week on a similar baby-related news nugget really.

Mila, 31, and Ashton, 36, have understandably kept their daughter and private lives well away from the spotlight, with the actor giving us just a teeny hint as to what their daughter looks like in a cryptic snap.

But photos of the family basically dressing up as the Three Little Pigs have now apparently been ‘leaked’ to a fan site and social media, according to RadarOnline, and have since been doing the rounds with fans queuing up to coo over their gorgeous bundle of cuteness.

Neither Mila nor Ashton have yet commented on the pics, but considering they like to keep their private lives private, we’re guessing they won’t exactly be jumping for joy at the news.

Another photo has also appeared of Ashton carrying Wyatt in a baby carrier as he shakes a man’s hand.

If it’s possible, we reckon Wyatt looks EVEN CUTER in this pic as she’s dressed up in a brown bear onesie and is sucking a pacifier.

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