Miley Cyrus’ Birthday: Her Most Naked Instagram Pics

She’s not afraid to get her bits out.

And Miley Cyrus is happy to share a naked selfie (or two hundred) with her social media followers, whether she’s pre-shower, showering, bathing, sunbathing topless or even on a night out.

As Miley celebrates her 22nd birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most naked MazSight pics.

1. Miley’s Naked Shower

“F*CK YEAH PUERTO RICAN SHOWER #showeringinnatureisdashitmane”

OK so most of us shower naked (unless we’re in the ‘Big Brother’ house). But most of us don’t then take a photo and then share it with the world via social media.

Yes, showering in nature in Puerto Rico is very exciting, Miley, but we don’t necessarily need to see photographic evidence. Like the heart though.

2. Miley’s Naked Bath

“Disco t*tties”

For our view on sharing bath time pics, see comments above re sharing shower pics.

However, props must go to Miley for being so inventive with her nipp cover ups. Those glitterballs make us think of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Perhaps Miley could introduce the Twerk to the show.

3. Miley’s Naked Sunbathing

Sunbathing topless is fair enough, just like showering and bathing naked is par for the course.

Being Miley, the singer of course was happy to share her top-naked sunbathing fun with her millions of followers. At least she’s covered up her down belows.

And once again, she’s got creative with her nipple covers. You’d think those grumpy alien faces would be happy to be in such close proximity to the megastar.

4. Miley’s Naked Night Out

“btw I don’t have some weird rash. I got pink glitter rubbed all over me on the party bus. #RAVE”

Right so now we’re fully into Miley’s Mad world. A nude night out is NOT so usual as a naked shower / bath / sunbathing session. This is where things get more risqué.

Miley covered up her nipps in actual real life rather than Photoshopping something fun over her boobs after the fact, and made sure her followers knew that was pink glitter on her chest, not a rash.

5. Miley’s Naked Promo

“Get your bubz now #mileybob http://www.billybobproducts.com”

Those hillbilly teeth are so striking they almost draw attention away from Miley’s nakedness.

She stripped down to promote her favourite styles of redneck teeth on cult online shop Billy Bob (nothing to do with Billy Bob Thornton, PS) and the little critters sold out immediately.

Keep sharing your naked moments Miley, and we’ll keep doing an OMG face.


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