Miley Cyrus Confirms Plans To Retire From Twerking, We Relive The 5 Best Twerking Moments EVER

Now for the disappointing news of the day.

Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she plans to retire from twerking.


We know, we know – please don’t cry. 

This is a difficult day for all of us.

Speaking to MTV the popstar said: “I’ve retired (from twerking), I’m making some music right now with The Flaming Lips. It’s different. It’s a little psychadelic.”

But psychadelic twerking would be the best type of twerking – come on Miley, think of the fans.


She continued: “I live to be in the studio, that’s my favorite part, is bunkering down, working on a record. This record might take me five years. I don’t know. I’m just going to work on it until I’m done.

“It’s not about twerking — it’s about music.”

What do you mean, Miley? It’s always about the twerking. 

Miley hit the headlines at last year’s VMAs when she writhed around on stage with Robin Thicke, a giant foam finger, and not very many clothes.

Dressed in what can only be described as a nude, PVC, underwear set, this was the performance that launched a thousand twerks with everybody from Harry Styles to Dame Helen Mirren since getting in on the act. 

In tribute to Miley’s retirement plans, we decided to take a look back at five of the best celebrity twerks:

5. Ross Geller, The True And Understated Inventor Of The Twerk

Whilst everybody believes that the twerk started with Miley, historians have actually pinpointed that it started way, way back in 2002.

Season 9, Episode 7 of Friends to be exact: The One With Ross’ Inappropriate Song.  

Who knew that Ross Geller would be such a trendsetter?

4. Dame Helen Mirren, The Oldest Celebrity Twerker

Did 69-year-old Helen Mirren let her age stop her from Twerking? Or the fact that she is a Dame? 

Of course not!

Helen got down with the twerk just as well as anybody else, proving that if she can do it then so can you.

3. Nicki Minaj, The Most Bootylicious Twerker Known To Man

Even Queen of the Twerks, Miley, can’t quite get to grips with Nicki’s exceptional talent in the twerking area, saying: “I can’t bring that ass – not that Anaconda.”


Perhaps Miley will be kind enough to pass the official twerking baton over to Nicki in her retirement.

2. Harry Styles, The Twerk That Had Teenage Girls Go Cray-Cray

Short but very, very sweet.

Harry Styles sent teenage girls everywhere into a frenzy when he twerked for all of two seconds at last year’s Teen Choice Awards.

Much to bestie Ed Sheeran’s amusement.

1. Miley Cyrus, Twerking Queen, Young And Free, Only… 21…

Having twerked away from being Hannah Montana and into hotdog-straddling, cannabis-smoking, Robin-Thicke-grinding Miley Cyrus, Miley is now hanging up her twerking hat for the forseeable future.

It’s officially the end of an era.


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