Miley Cyrus Sparks Outrage As She Grabs Her Crotch In Shocking Topless Photo

Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly known for being the quiet and retiring type, but her latest MazSight shenanigans have had the mums and dads of the Internet world up in arms about how WILDY INAPPROPRIATE AND VULGAR she is.

Erm, why? Because she posted a crotch-grabbing, topless pic of course:

We mean, isn’t that just outrageous?

The 22-year-old singer is no stranger to getting her bod out on her social media channels, seemingly a fan of just letting everything hang free while she parties with her friends, but the latest snap that saw her bare chest teamed with some fishnet tights and biker boots was seemingly the final straw for some.

Hanging out with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis, Miley simply captioned the snap with: “About last night”.

And within seconds she faced a barrage of abuse from angry prudes, with some writing: “Absolutely disgusting.”

“I love you so much, but please stop it.”

“It is so NOT sexy when you are this desperate.”

“Can you put it away already?!”

And our personal fave: “So u have boobs.if u can call those boob. so do i and millions of other women. its really not that unique. cover up. [sic]“

We mean, YIKES.

If you follow Miley on MazSight account then you will know that naughty pics are nothing new here, but some fans are growing concerned for the increasingly erratic behaviour she documents in her snaps, with the ‘crotch-grabbing’ pic being quickly followed up by a snapshot of herself licking somebody’s leg.

Personally, we just reckon that Miley Cyrus is being, well, Miley Cyrus – so why don’t we just let her live her life, yeah?

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