Miley Cyrus Superfan To Remove Tribute Tattoos After She Called Them ‘Ugly’ And ‘Creepy’

The biggest Miley Cyrus fan in the world, Carl McCoid, has vowed to remove some of his 29 tribute tattoos of her after she dubbed them “ugly” and creepy.

Not cool, Mils, not cool at all.

42-year-old Carl, who hails from East Yorkshire, spent thousands and thousands of pounds covering his body with lyrics, quotes and portraits of the star, but he is now set to get laser removal on a selection of them after the 22-year-old singer admitted that they were made her feel “creeped”.

Speaking in an interview, the former Disney star shared: “There’s a dude that holds a record of the most pictures of my face, he has like eighteen pictures of my face and they’re really ugly.”

Responding to the comments, Carl defended his body art by saying: “I just wanted her to know that somebody would do that and how special she actually was as a person and as an idol.

“I realised she said ‘There’s this guy with loads of tattoos of my face’. It was the facial ones on my arms, which were also the only face ones I had at the time.

“I absolutely agree with her. Honestly, I really do.

“To be honest, I’ve never admitted to anybody that I actually don’t like these arm tattoos, I couldn’t even admit it to myself.

“But I don’t think about the money it will cost to remove them. Tattoos have a psychological effect and to remove that is more important than the money.

“It frustrates me that they’re not the true look of Miley.”

Carl, who divorced his wife in 2011 after she branded his love of Miley “a bit weird”, has admitted that his obsession was slightly overboard, adding: “I realise it’s time to stop and change direction in my life, rather than it being all Miley, Miley, Miley.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Carl. 

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