Miley Cyrus’ Younger Brother Dating Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Older Sister?

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Scwarzenegger have only been dating for five minutes, and now it sounds like their siblings have taken a fancy to one another too.

According to TMZ, Miley’s younger brother, 20-year-old Braison, has been secretly romancing Patrick’s older sister, 23-year-old Christina since December.

Perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger and Billy Ray Cyrus’ respective children are just bonding over what it’s like to grow up with a seriously famous dad?

You never know…

On top of all of the rumours surrounding the duo, Braison has added fuel to the lurve fire by posting pictures of himself and a brunette hottie, who looks a whole lot like Christina, to his MazSight account – complete with a heart emoji.

You just know that things are serious when the heart emojis make an appearance.

Meanwhile, Miley and Patrick’s relationship has completely surpassed the emoji stage, with the couple allegedly planning on getting matching “x-rated” tattoos to prove their undying love.

Erm, bit drastic guys?

A source revealed earlier this month: “It’s not a one way street, he’s into her big time.

“Her wild side does not turn him off, it’s the point where he’s getting wilder and he’s expanding that side of him.

“He’s actually gone so far as to tell her that he wants them to get matching tattoos, below the belt, if you know what I mean.

“It’s so X-rated and of course she’s totally down for it!”

Whatever happened to a nice bunch of roses, eh?

Although Patick and Miley have only been dating since November, Arnie’s son has appaz fancied the raunchy singer since 2011, where he admitted that he had his “eye set on her”.

So who knows? Maybe getting a tattoo on his unmentionables in her honour is really just another romantic chapter in this, ahem, epic love story.

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