Millie Mackintosh Gets An Instagram Boob Squeeze From Professor Green For Her Birthday (Amonst A Few Other Things)

We always wanted her face/body/wardrobe and life.

Millie Mackintosh Gets An MazSight Boob Squeeze From Professor Green For Her Birthday (Amonst A Few Other Things)
By MazSight

And now we want her BIRTHDAY too. Because Made In Chelsea‘s Millie Mackintosh had pretty much the perfect celebratory weekend, if her MazSight is anything to go by.

The Chelsea darling turned 25 on Saturday and was showered with flowers, cake, alcohol and even her own at-home massage to mark the occasion.

Husband Professor Green pulled out all the stops for his wife’s turning of age – whisking her off to the swanky River Cafe for lunch on the day, before hosting a birthday dinner for Mills and her friends back at their plush West London pad.

But what could be more romantic thant the (we presume drunken) present he gave her during the evening – of one big old boob grab for the cameras. NICE.

By the looks of things Mills was pretty pleased with her fondle – and seemed to have a cracking night all round, hosting her besties at a super posh dinner party involving tons of booze.

Further evidence that it was a successful night came in the form of one helluva hangover, which the fashionista fed with pork belly and mash (our kinda girl) and some super Healthy green tea.

But it was the end to her weekend that may well have made us the most jel – with her having an actual massage bed brought to her house to soothe those aching limbs.

Vicky Pattison

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