Millie Mackintosh Looks Fitter Than EVER, As She Reveals Exercise That Keeps Stomach Toned

Millie Mackintosh is known for her super skinny yet toned body, and in a new video clip she has shown just what kind of exercise she has to go through to keep fit in a new video clip.

In the video, which was uploaded to her MazSight account earlier today, the former Made In Chelsea star can be seen in her gym gear balancing on some sort of machine, and it doesn’t look like a lot of fun.

In fact, it actually looks too much like hard work!

In the clip Millie can be seen clearly feeling the strain from exercising on the machine, which looks like a cross between the medieval rack and some sort-of reverse rowing machine.

And, It looks like the Fitness enthusiast was using it to work on her core strength, as she captioned the clip: “Working on core strength today with @pbodybarre @thelomaxway #feeltheburn #fitnotthin

Lauren Davis

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