A mom from Palm Harbor, Florida, stood accused of critically injuring her 5-month-old baby boy which led to a severe brain bleed. The mother was arrested under felony child abuse charges.

As per the data obtained from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Burgandie Marquez, 30, confessed to detectives that she deliberately and forcefully jerked the baby up from the ground after a heated conversation with the baby’s father on Sept. 26, Thursday. The expeditious jerks have prompted the infant’s head to snap backward, Fox News reported.

Marquez further said that she held the baby inside her arms and ran up and down the stairs inside her Palm Harbor home with its head wobbling and unsupported. She told to detectives that she had been too “rough” with the baby.

The mother allegedly tried to soothe the baby instead of rushing it to the hospital when she noticed it was having seizures. She then decided to take the infant to Pasco County to seek the help of the child’s father but was forced to stop at a gas station as his condition deteriorated. She called for medical attention for his seizures there.

The baby was then airlifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital by the paramedics where they said it sustained life-threatening injuries. The hospital staff told the detectives that the child had head trauma which caused a severe brain bleed. He baby is still in a critical condition.

In another incident, a child named Zakari William Bennett-Eko was forced to face his worst nightmare. The infant became a victim of his parent’s frustration. Zakari was thrown into the River Irwell in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, England, by his father on Sept. 12, 2019, which led to his death, The Independent reported. “I wish I was dead,” said the mother of the baby, Emma Blood, while paying tribute to the 11-month-old in a Facebook post.

Mom Pleads Guilty To Critically Injuring Infant With Severe Brain Bleed In this photo, a Venezuelan migrant toddler walks inside a humanitarian camp in Bogota on Nov. 13, 2018. Photo: Getty images/ Raul Arboleda