Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter; Addresses Bill Clinton Sex Scandal In Forbes Speech

Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter; Addresses Bill Clinton Sex Scandal In Forbes Speech Monica Lewinsky (pictured) joined Twitter hours before speaking at Forbes’ “30 Under 30″ summit.  Reuters

Politics and scandal junkies on Twitter might have a new person to start following. Monica Lewinsky, most famous for her affair with President Bill Clinton as a White House intern, joined Twitter on Monday, Oct. 20.

The former White House intern was famously silent about her personal life and affair with President Clinton in the years following the 1998 scandal. However, Lewinsky has recently begun to break that silence. The 41-year-old penned an article for Vanity Fair in May detailing the reasons she is speaking out and reflecting on her life after the scandal. Lewinsky’s public persona seems to be increasing yet again with her introduction to Twitter.

Lewinsky joined the site around 9:30 a.m. EDT tweeting her first message: “#HereWeGo.”


She later tweeted about her involvement in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. The four-day event kicked off Sunday, Oct. 20 and brings together 1,000 young entrepreneurs and innovators for a week of speakers, panels and presentations. Lewinsky spoke at the event Monday morning at a presentation called “Monica Lewinsky and the Internet’s Reputation Shredder.” In addition to claiming to have been “in love” with President Clinton, Lewinsky described herself as the “first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet.” The activist says it is now her mission to stop cyber-bullying. Perhaps her newfound Twitter presence is in aid of that mission.


Lewinsky describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “social activist. public speaker. contributor to Vanity Fair. knitter of things without sleeves.” Time will tell how the self-described social activist will use the new platform, but with 15,000 followers  by 12 p.m. EDT (just about three hours after her first tweet), it seems safe to say that people will be listening.

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