Most Valuable Car Brand: Toyota, Again

Toyota, which outscored BMW last year to become the world’s most valuable car brand, retained that position in 2014 in the Brandz Top 100 list compiled by London-based brand research firm Millward Brown.

2014 top 10 car brandsThe ratings say Toyota’s brand  jumped in value 21% to $29.6 billion this year. BMW’s value rose 7% to $25.7 billion. In absolute terms, the two brands ranked 26th and 32nd, respectively, in the top 100 list, which is led by Google ($158.8 billion) and Apple ($147.9 billion). Toyota also topped the “cars” category in 2006-2009 and in 2011.

The Brandz ranking are determined through consumer interviews and financial analyses and include measures of brand equity, trust and value. The ratings don’t offer an opinion about why various brands move up or down from year to year.

Ford jumped two places to fifth on the year’s top-10 auto brand roster, pushing Nissan down to sixth. Chevrolet, joins the list at ninth, bumping Lexus off the bottom of the list.

Volkswagen is the only auto brand this year to lose value, slipping 4% to $8.4 billion.

from: http://autobeatinsider.com/news/valuable-car-brand-toyota


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