Mum Of Zayn Malik’s ‘Mystery Girl’ SLAMS Cheating Rumours

What a week it’s been in One Direction land, eh folks?  After Zayn Malik dramatically quit the tour and jetted back to Perrie Edwardsafter all of these crazy cheating rumours started, we’ve not slept a wink.

But ponder for a moment what it’d be like if you were none other than Lauren Richardson, the ‘mystery blonde’ who had the  misfortune to be photographed next to an internationally famous popstar with fantastic hair and cheekbones – only for that photograph to be sent around the world and have everyone left, right and centre label you as some depraved harlot, calling for you to have a scarlet letter stamped across your chest.

Not exactly an ideal week, is it?

Well thankfully for Lauren, her seemingly no-nonsense mother Michelle has been setting the record straight for everybody, but not without throwing some serious One Direction shade.

Speaking to the boys and girls at The Sun, Walthamstow’s finest Michelle claimed that her daughter was simply having a laugh on her holidays, and wanted a photo with Bradford-born beauty Zayn (and who can blame her? If we saw Zayn on our holidays we’d probably have a fit and knock down every coconut-seller on the beach to get to him).

“She was just on holiday in Thailand posing for a snap”

“It’s not as if she’s a teenybopper following them around. She’s more into Florence + The Machine.”

Something tells us that One Direction won’t be too fussed about this gigantic loss to the fandom – but hey, what a win for Florence, huh?!

Meanwhile, friends of the 1D star reiterated Zayn’s innocence, revealing to The Mirror that Zayn’s absolutely fuming about the whole situation, and that he ‘can’t handle fame’ anymore:

“He spent two minutes with her at the club.”

“She grabbed his hand and he was happy to pose for a photo. But it has turned into this whole other thing online.”

“He was really p***ed off about what everyone was saying. He can’t handle fame. It was the final straw.”

Seriously Zayn – don’t go leaving the band, yeah?! Not sure our tickers can handle that sort of drama right now.

Zayn, who tweeted that there were ‘a lot of jealous f***s in this world’,  jetted back to the UK this week to be with his fiancée, Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards, holding ‘crisis talks’ for five hours at their home.

But fans of ‘Zerrie’ will be pleased to hear that according to sources close to the couple, their relationship is ‘fine’. Indeed, Perrie was seen still wearing her engagement ring yesterday, so we’ve still got the Wedding of the millennium to look forward to, kids.

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