Myleene Klass’ Birthday: Her Tastiest Instagram Pics

She serves up plenty of tasty treats on her social media.

And Myleene Klass makes us salivate on a regular basis with her MazSight shots (*insert tasty Myleene in a bikini gag here*), whether she’s eating her own face or enjoying a fry up.

As Myleene celebrates her 37th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her tastiest pics.

1. Myleene’s Tasty Cake Portrait

“A year to the day that I’ve been on @smoothradio and they surprise me with this! #cake”

There are certain signs you’ve made it in life. Surely a cake with your own face on it is right up there.

Myleene’s pals at Smooth Radio celebrated her one year anniversary with them like any of us other normals celebrate a year in a new job, and that’s with a cake plastered with Myleene’s face.

”Nom nom. #biteme” indeed.

2. Myleene’s Tasty Frozen Cake

“Can’t let it go. @TheCakeStoreUK #birthday”

What do you get a four-year-old to make her flip on her birthday? A Frozen cake, but of course.

And Mama Myleene knew exactly how best to celebrate her daughter Hero’s fourth birthday in the food stakes, with this delicious representation of Elsa in edible form.

Why do kids get the best cakes? *harumphs*

3. Myleene’s Tasty Bikini Diet

“Prepping hard for tomorrows bikini shoot.”

Ever wondered what extreme diets stars go on before a big bikini photoshoot?

Well wonder no more, ‘cos Myleene has provided the answer: burger, chips and a fizzy drink. Obvs.

4. Myleene’s Tasty Radio Show Prep

“15 mins to live show so naturally, I’m in the @smoothradio canteen! #fridayfryup”

If you envisaged Myleene sipping mineral water and dining on a lettuce leaf before hitting the radio airwaves, think again.

The only way to prep for a live show is to sit in the canteen eating a fry up. Natch.

5. Myleene’s Tasty Girl Chat

“The best days end with coffee, cake and girl chat.❤☕#family”

If your day ends with a packet of crisps and can of drink, prepare to make a change to your routine.

Because the best days come to a close accompanied by cakes, coffee and girly gossip. Hear, hear.

Keep sharing the tasty moments Myleene, and we’ll keep salivating over our screens.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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