Myleene Klass Hits Back At Angry Parents: "Being Happy Is Not About Stuff"

So something tells us that Myleene Klass won’t be signing up as a member of the board of governors any time soon, right?

With the furore over Myleene Klass’ now infamous tweets about certain parents at her daughter’s school still rumbling on, the classical music enthusiast and Littlewoods super-fan has revealed that she stands by her views – despite all the aggravation she’s received at the school gates because of it.

Speaking to the lads and ladettes at Fabulous Magazine,  the 36-year old said: “This is why I keep getting myself in trouble. I can’t keep my mouth shut.”

Really Myleene? But we always had you down as such a wallflower…

The bikini enthusiast went on to say: “…but that’s who I am. I want my children to receive yo-yos, not Kindles. Being happy is not about stuff.”

Blimey Klass, you’re starting to sound like our Nan when she’s recounting what the ‘good old days’ were like.

And not being funny, but if we were given a yo-yo for our birthday we’d be pretty fuming (mainly because we never got the hang of them – we had abnormally fat fingers as children and we’d rather not go into it now…)

It all comes after it was revealed that Myleene was told to sit on the proverbial naughty step, after the headteacher had a bit of a go at her in the children’s newsletter.

After being bombarded by complaints from irate parents, the head decided to include the incident in a newsletter email, presumably sent to the whole class.

Without directly mentioning the former popstar, the teacher alluded to her public outing of a mother asking for birthday gift donations for her daughter.

The Head wrote: “It was not my intention to use the [newsletter] this week as a soap box, but here it comes… how I wish I could focus on your daughters’ education and not on responding to media trivia.”


The 36-year-old was confronted by angry mums, with one reportedly shouting: “Why did you do it, Myleene? Why?”

The star is said to have shouted back: “If you’ve got a problem with it, talk to me in private.”

After the very public derision, many mums at the £5k-a-term school reportedly emailed the headmistress to complain.

Myleene Klass Hits Back At Angry Parents: "Being Happy Is Not About Stuff"
By MazSight

One mother, who asked not to be named, said: “She has betrayed our confidences and belittled us so publicly. Lots of people have complained.

It was a very distasteful and cheap shot.”

Another explained that Myleene has misinterpreted the intention of the donation, saying: “It is to make it easier for parents so they don’t buy expensive presents that nobody wants.

“There is no obligation. Myleene has misunderstood the school’s community spirit.”

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