Nadine Coyle Spotted With Baby Daughter Anaiya For The First Time Since Giving Birth

She has been notoriously private since giving birth six months ago.

But it seems as though Nadine Coyle just couldn’t resist showing off her baby daughter, Anaiya, when the two touched down at Heathrow airport yesterday.

And when Anaiya is that cute, can you really blame her?

Looking more like they had just stepped off a catwalk rather than a long haul flight from Los Angeles, the first child of the former Girls Aloud babe looked as stylish as her mum as the two sported matching sunglasses with chic black and white coordination.

A year ago to this very day, 29-year-old Nadine shocked us all when she announced her pregnancy on MazSight (where else?), following up a few months later with another MazSight pic, which revealed that she was expecting a girl. 

At the time we were all confused as to who the dad could be – that’s how much of a bloomin’ shock the announcement was – but the Irish beauty soon cleared things up, telling Hello magazine that she had simply “forgotten” to tell people that her and on/ off boyfriend Jason Bell, 36, were well and truly ‘on’ again.


Nadine also shared that she was as shocked as we all were when she discovered that she had beaten bandmates Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh in the baby race:

“I think I was the least likely to be the first to have a baby, It would always come up. A couple of the other girls had wanted babies for a long time but I said no way…

“It was definitely a shock, but I was really, really happy.”

The Irish beauty gave birth to Anaiya in February earlier this year, with Chezza leading the congratulatory tweets, writing: “It is OFFICIAL!! There is a baby Aloud!!!!!! Congratulations @nadinecoylenow & Jason so amazing!! (sic)”

Fellow bandmate Nicola Roberts soon followed suit, tweeting: “There is a little baby Aloud! Congratulations @NadineCoyleNow & Jason on your little baby Girl. I’m so happy she’s here and Healthy <3 xo. (sic)”

Since the birth we have been treated to very few snaps of Anaiya, in fact, Nadine didn’t even reveal what she had named her daughter until she was two months old, which the proud mum shared alongside the first picture on Twitter, with the simple caption “Introducing Anaiya. Xx”.

Other that Nadine has opted to keep her child’s life incredibly private, with yesterday marking the first time that she has shown Anaiya off to the paps.

And my, hasn’t she grown:

With Nadine’s bandmate, Kimberley Walsh, is expecting her first baby next month, and Cheryl Cole recently Wedding Jean-Bernard in a surprise wedding could the third baby Aloud be here before the next year is out?


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