A naked 17-year-old high schooler, who was fatally shot by Oklahoma police after breaking into a home, was unarmed. Authorities in the suburb of Edmond said Wednesday that the two officers were not wearing body cameras when at least one of them fatally shot the teenager.

The Oklahoma state medical examiner’s office identified the teen as Isaiah Mark Lewis. The police department Wednesday identified the officers involved as Sgt Milo Box, who worked at the department for 17 years, and Denton Scherman, who was hired in September.

On Monday, police said they responded to a scene after a woman called 911 to report a domestic disturbance for her neighbor. They said the officers followed Lewis after he broke into a house. The Edmond police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said Lewis was shot after he fought with two officers who first used a stun gun on him. When they failed to subdue him, at least one officer fired a handgun. It was unclear who fired and how many times Lewis was shot.

“We know a Taser was deployed because we found the probes in the suspect,” Wagnon, who said one officer was treated at a hospital for a head injury and released, told media.

Lewis was taken to a local hospital where he was declared dead.

On Tuesday, Wagnon said the teen’s girlfriend had called 911 Monday afternoon saying he was “flipping out” and beating her.

“So, the charges we have on this call that we were working on up until this point: domestic abuse, indecent exposure, obstruction of a police officer and eluding. Felony first degree burglary, entering the occupied dwelling, felony assault upon a police officer two times,” Wagnon said Tuesday. “Where we are in the investigation right now is figuring what happened inside the house. The facts that we know right now are that both officers were violently assaulted in this confrontation inside the house.”

Naked Teenager Shot Dead By Oklahoma Police Was Unarmed This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, california, on Oct. 12, 2011. photo: Getty images/Jonathan Alcorn

A woman, identified as Kamri Pollock, told local media News4 that her boyfriend was the suspect who was shot. Pollock admitted Tuesday that she and her boyfriend were arguing by the front door when food was being delivered.

“She [delivery driver] starts screaming and she was screaming for somebody to call 911,” Pollock said. “I don’t think they [police] needed to get involved at all. Like when the neighbor was on the phone with them, I tried to stay calm and tried to take her phone from her and she was like no don’t take my phone from me.”

Pollock said she was never physically assaulted and asked the police for clarification Tuesday.

“She ran across the street as you heard in the 911 call, wanted police help because her boyfriend was flipping out,” Wagnon said. “There was some drug paraphernalia as you heard in the one witness. There were things being thrown over the fence. We found some scales and some other drug paraphernalia, but that’s still part of the investigation.”

Police were investigating the officers involved in the shooting.