Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird has claimed that he would do great in today’s NBA.

Back in the 80’s, Bird is undeniably one of the most physical and talented players in the league. His legacy still lives on up to this day and even Bird himself is convinced that he could caompete with some of the best players in the NBA today.

In an exclusive interview with The Undefeated, Bird revealed what he enjoys about the present day NBA. According to the legend, despite the difference in physicality between the league today and back when he played, he still love the game is played today.

“I love the way the NBA is going. I can remember 20 years ago I was worried about small guards. Now, I’m worried about the centers. The game changes. I like how they cleaned it up. There is more freedom of movement, and guys can sort of let their game go. When we played in Boston in the East Coast, it was a grind-out game. But when we got to the West Coast, it was more open. You could show your talents. Guys weren’t holding on to you, grabbing you. I think that’s what the NBA is today. It’s a freer game, it’s more open,” Bird explained.

Finally, Bird went on to predict how he would fit-in in the league today. Based on the Celtics legend’s prediction, he would be shooting a lot as he is likely to get more possessions.

“It’s easy for me to say, ‘Our era is the best, and I was the best,’ and all that. But in my mind, I think we could compete and do really well. But you never know until you’re out there…It’s freer. I could get more possessions. You can pass the ball easier,” Bird predicted.

NBA: Larry Bird Confident He Could Compete In Today's Games Larry Bird and Magic Johnson battles for the rebound photo: Los Angeles Times

Among the most talented players in the NBA today, Bird’s favorite is LeBron James. As per Bird, he is baffled by how James managed to stay Healthy after all these years. He also confirmed that “The King” is very much like Michael Jordan.

“I can’t compare him to anybody because he’s so great, just like Michael [Jordan] was,” Bird said.

“They’re very special, and I don’t know how in hell he [James] stays healthy. But, that’s probably one of the great qualities of his game, being able to stay healthy playing that many minutes,” Bird pointed out.

Bird is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. Arguably, he is the best to ever represent the Boston Celtics.

NBA: Larry Bird Confident He Could Compete In Today's Games LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on during the first half of a game against the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center in Los Angeles, March 4, 2019. Photo: Sean M. Haffey/Getty images