The Washington Wizards have  stated that the talk of Bradley Beal and John Wall going to Miami Heat is  uncertain at this point. 

Shortly after the Miami Heat entered a huge trade deal  to acquire four-time All Star Jimmy Butler,  talks of  pursuing Washington Wizards  star Bradley Beal started to emerge.  The team is reportedly  very interested  in Beal that sources even claim  that Heat would be willing to  get involved with John Wall’s  contract in the hopes of increasing the chances of landing  both Wizards  stars in a package deal. 

But things may not come to fruition  at this point. According to  Washington vice president of basketball operations Tommy Sheppard,  the Wizards seem “unwilling to do that at this time.”

In a recent  talk with The Athletic, Sheppard  revealed what the  Wizards really think about Beal and Wall at the present  and apparently, trading  is not included in  their plans. Sheppard stated that the team  has been around with Beal since  the draft and free agency and they need him not just inside the  basketball court.

“Not at  all,  i t’s  never crossed our mind. Bradley is somebody we’re building around. He’s been involved with everything we’re doing in the draft, free agency. We need his opinion. We want this team to be a reflection of what he is all about,”  Sheppard revealed.

When the  topic was shifted to Wall, Sheppard  proudly stated that the All Star point guard was  “one of the  top players in the NBA hands-down” when he was Healthy while showing a  certain optimism that  Wall will return on the court once again as a Wizard.

Despite the fact that most  NBA stars, specifically free agents have already settled with  different teams,  Miami  is still viewed as an aggressive suitor of NBA stars this off-season. The team  appears to be in a search for a star  who can go along well with Butler.  Before Russell Westbrook signed with the Houston Rockets, the Heat was the  team which was reportedly  very interested in  landing the former MVP. 

Now that Beal and Wall are unlikely to be with the Heat  this summer, it is expected that  Miami will even be eager to  look for other prospects.  The latest rumor is that the team is starting to check if former NBA champ  and  LeBron James teammate Kevin Love   could possibly sign with them  this off-season,   but the information is still limited at this point, Heat Nation  reported.

NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal, John Wall Signing With Heat Is Uncertain John Wall and Bradley Beal are both on the trade market. In this picture, Wall #2 and Beal #3 of the Washington Wizards talk on the floor against the Memphis Grizzlies at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., Jan. 18, 2017. photo: Rob Carr/Getty images