Blake Griffin and Kyle Kuzma are both considered as one of the NBA’s biggest names. Blake is a 30-year-old star, a former slam dunk champ and phenomenal athlete that has probably posterized more people than Shawn Kemp and Stromile Swift combined. 

Meanwhile, Kyle is an up and coming star for the Los Angeles Lakers. The 24-year-old forward is an all-around threat in both the offensive and defensive end. 

There is no doubt that both will be competing in the upcoming NBA season. But by the look of things, they are also waging war on another front: for the love and approval of America’s number one Instagirl, Kendall Jenner. 

Both are allegedly competing for the supermodel’s attention and was recently spotted at a Soho Beach House in Malibu. Page Six reported that Blake arrived first and played Cards Against Humanity with the 23-year-old MazSight star. 

Before Ben Simmons and after Jordan Clarkson, Blake was Jenner’s rumored girlfriend two years ago. Both have stayed out of the limelight and kept their relationship under wraps; they started dating in 2017 before both called it quits last year.

Griffin is still probably attracted to Jenner and what had happened last week was solid proof; unless it was just someone at the wrong place and time. Then came, the current suitor, a six-foot-nine good looking dude that’s just a year older than Kendall. 

NBA Rumors: Griffin And Kuzma's Inclination With Kendall Jenner Comes With Warning Kendall Jenner and boyfriend Ben Simmons were touchy-feely during their date night in New York City. Pictured: The fashion model attending the 2018 #REVOLVEAWARDS in Las Vegas on Nov. 9, 2018. photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty images

Kyle Kuzma showed up at the Soho Beach House; his presence only meant one thing: he wants to challenge Blake’s motives. When news broke out that Kuzma and Jenner were seen in a yacht on July 4, people privy to the situation were quick to dismiss rumors of a romance. 

Just like any regular folks, we believed them, but the current situation is entirely different. A source told Page Six that both NBA stars “were  jockeying for (Jenner’s) attention.” 

Both are smitten by the 23-year-old model, but it’s common knowledge that dating someone from the Kardashians meant trouble for their NBA careers. 

We have plenty of data to prove the claim, and Fox sports even has a particular story dedicated to the “Kardashian curse.” So what would it mean for both Griffin and Kuzma if they dated a member of America’s most-watched family? 

For starters, let’s begin with were it all began, Rashad McCants and Khloe Kardashian. McCants was making a name for himself out of college. The 14th overall draft pick in the 2005 NBA Draft had high expectations, but soon derailed his career because of injuries and the so-called “Kardashian curse.” 

McCants said that his brief relationship with Khloe was the main reason for his shortcomings. He added that he could have made “$60-70 million” if it weren’t for the short fling. Luckily he’s having the time of his life playing for the BIG3. 

Next would be Chandler Parsons. The 30-year-old guard was once touted as the next big thing in the NBA, but expectations didn’t pan out because of injuries. 

Parsons has been linked to Kendall since 2014. Rumors have alleged that it was Kris Jenner that encouraged them to see each other. Whatever the case is, Chandler is now on the bench of the Atlanta Hawks, presumably to cheer for his team. 

James Harden is in the conversation as one of the NBA’s best scorers. James could take over a game with his unbelievable talent. However, things weren’t going his way four years ago when he dated Khloe Kardashian. 

The Rockets were bounced out of the playoffs way too early that season and Harden said that it was the “worst year of his life” because of the unwanted attention.  

The list is long; we haven’t even covered Kris Humphries, Jordan Clarkson and Tristan Thompson. Basketball fans around the world know what happened to these men, engaging with a Kardashian comes with a warning.