Niall Horan Gives A Cold Louis Tomlinson His Jacket, Despite Being Ill With Chest Infection

If there is one thing that we know about those fab One Direction boys, it’s that they’re super hot, super lovely, and we want to marry all four of them.

Still, we got an extra shred of evidence of just how gentlemanly and chivalrous the guys are, alongside just how ruddy much they love eachother, at last night’s Denmark concert.


It all started when Louis Tomlinson decided that wearing a tank top would be a fab idea, and because his mother wasn’t around to tell him to cover up before he catches his death, he was rocking out on stage all bare-armed and no-layers when the Danish chill struck.


Thankfully, when 23-year-old Lou started to complain about feeling cold, kind-hearted Niall Horan was on hand to offer his bandmate his jacket, which is basically one of the sweetest, cutest things that we have ever seen.

Especially when you factor in just HOW BIG THE JACKET WAS FOR TEENY, TINY LOU <3


What makes the entire shebang all the more adorbs is that 21-year-old Niall had admitted before the show that he probably could have done with that jacket because he was feeling a little under the weather with a chest infection, despite Louis’ insistence that he was really just fighting a nasty hangover.

Classic Lou.

And it sounds as though giving his warmth to his bezzie might have done the Irish babe even more harm, with the singer taking to his Twitter account post-concert to say that he was feeling more rubbish than before, writing: “Well that was fun! thank you horsens … It was soo fkn cold out there , I think it’s a day in bed for me tomorrow !

“Night night people xx”

Later adding: “Cough cough fkn cough !”

Yikes, lemsip and snoozing for you, please Niall, and next time, boys, make sure that you wrap up warm!

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