Niall Horan Is Final One Direction Member To Tweet After Zayn Malik Quits Band

There you have it folks, Niall Horan has finally broken his Twitter silence after Zayn Malik confirmed that he has quit One Direction, .and yet again he has only alluded to his bandmates departure rather than referenced it outright.


Literally a couple of hours ago, Louis Tomlinson sparked concern among 1D fans when he vowed that he and the remaining members were going to work harder than ever on their upcoming fifth studio album, and now Niall has added to the fandom’s fears that the band are pushing themselves to exhaustion.

Taking to his social media page, the 21-year-old wrote: “Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn Spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can Put on great shows / tours for you guys.

“You are the best fans in the world and you deserve nothing less from us! The lads and I arrived in South Africa this morning .

“We cannot wait to see all you SA fans for the first time and have great shows. [sic]“

Just as long as you also have lots of breaks, yes? Please??

Zayn quit the band after more than four years, where he and the rest of the 1D lads performed no less than 300 tour dates, recorded four studio albums, and released two feature films, with the star citing “exhaustion and stress” as part of his reasons for calling it quits.

Understandably, fans are now terrified that the band’s gruelling schedule will take its toll on the rest of the boys, with many responding to Niall and Louis’ tweets to insist that they don’t need a new album, they just want their fave boys to have a well-earned break.

Which is a sentiment that we whole-heartedly agree with.

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