Niall Horan: Louis Says We’re The Worst Celebs Ever – EXCLUSIVE Where We Are Concert Film Preview

We think he meant ‘best’.

Louis Tomlinson has already called his band “scumbags”, and he continues to be Mr. Humble as Niall Horan reveals that our fave Doncaster popstar reckons that he and the other One Direction boys make rubbish celebs. 

Speaking to Ben Winston in a brand, spanking new interview from their Where We Are Concert Film, Niall reveals that they had a moment of clarity during the VMA’s.

Niall says of the glitzy event: “We were all sitting there with our soft drinks and our massive hotdogs, stuffing our faces, and Louis turned to me and said ‘We’re actually the worst celebrities ever’.”

The biggest band in the world go on to explain that while all the other A-Listers, y’know like Rihanna and Beyonce, were sipping champagne and generally keeping things classy, they just couldn’t resist making the most of the junk food on offer.

Well, they are growing lads after all.

And that’s not the only less-than-showbiz insight into the lives of One Direction that we got, with Louis also sharing that he doesn’t *exactly* change his underwear every day.

He says: “I’ll wear them today and then tomorrow if I have to… I’ll probably never get married now after that.”

We somehow doubt that a pair of dirty underwear will be enough to put the hoards of dedicated fans off marrying you, Lou.

The band’s sassiest member has previously shared that One Direction don’t feel worthy of their superstar status.

Having sold out three gigs at Wembley Stadium back in June, Louis revealed: “I feel like we’ve blagged it again.

“You look at the names of who’s played Wembley and you almost feel like you’re not worthy of it.

“We just feel like we’re just little scumbags.”

Hold up, what??

These are the comments of Louis Tomlinson, right?

Not some middle-aged troll on an internet message board?

One Direction’s Where We Are Concert Film is in cinemas this weekend and this weekend ONLY before being released on DVD on 1st December, and it is definitely a good’un.

As well as Louis underwear habits, the band’s penchant for junk food at star-studded events, and Harry Styles getting all gushy about his family, you will get treated to the following delights:

One Direction attempting Italian – YAY.

The boys running off and leaving Liam Payne alone on stage so that they could all have wee.

And on that note, Zayn Malik opening a portaloo on somebody.

Lou Teasdale attempting to touch up Harry’s make-up. HE IS FLAWLESS AS HE IS, LOU.

Lots of emosh interaction from the fans. Seriously, you might even shed a tear.


All this and so much more, we fully recommend you check it out and then put the DVD on your Christmas list for December.

If you thought you couldn’t love or fancy 1D anymore, then Where We Are is guaranteed to prove you wrong. 

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