Niall Horan, Naked James Franco, Ben Affleck Among Latest Stars To Do Ice Bucket Challenge – VIDEOS

Just as we thought that nobody could trump Chris Pratt’s ASL Ice Bucket Challenge video, too many celebs to count have come along and given it a good go!

In his video, Chris can be seen downing vodka before being surprised by wife, Anna Faris, dunking two ice cold buckets of water on his head. 

Now it seems as though the celebs have come out in force to try and trump him, and they’re doing a pretty good job at it.

First up, it seems as though Niall Horan recieved our requests for One Direction to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and for all hot guys who take part to wear a white T-Shirt, inspired by Harry Styles in the rain in Washington D.C. 

Yep, we are taking full credit for this one.

Dressed in a white tank top, Niall nominates bandmate Louis Tomlinson to do the challenge next before pouring the ice water over himself, appearing to momentarily lose his voice from the cold (as his top clings beautifully to his abs…)

Here’s hoping that Louis takes on the request and nominates the other three Direction boys sharpish, we actually can’t wait.

Next, there’s wacky James Franco, who decided to take off both his trousers and underpants for his video, which sees him dance around in the showers, covering his unmentionables with just a piece of paper that has something, sadly illegible, written on it:



Following Chris Pratt’s lead in getting the family involved, Ben Affleck has also posted arguably the sweetest Ice Bucket Challenge video.

His wife, Jennifer Garner, pours the bucket over his head before Ben pulls her, fully clothed, into the swimming pool as the couple’s children can be heard laughing in the background.

Ben was kind enough to nominate friends who he knew from personal experience “looked good in a wet T-Shirt”; Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, his wife, and (of course) best buddy Matt Damon.

All of which we are very much looking forward to seeing. 

Britney Spears, Rita Ora, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez are just a few more of the big names to have taken part in the challenge, which is to help raise awareness for ALS, or Motor Neurone Disease as it is more commonly known on this side of the Atlantic.

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And Miley Cyrus posted a video doing the ‘Rice Bucket Challenge’, erm, did she miss the memo?

But unarguably Lady Gaga’s version is the weirdest yet and actually left us feeling a little bit creeped out…

Without saying a word, Gaga lifts the bucket and pours it over her head, hardly even flinching.

In fact, she acts like it’s hardly a big deal at all and that there is absolutely nothing to squeal about having ICE COLD WATER dunked over your head. 

Sorry Gaga, but we think Taylor Swift’s reaction is a lot more accurate:

Niall Horan, Naked James Franco, Ben Affleck Among Latest Stars To Do Ice Bucket Challenge - VIDEOS
By MazSight

 That is definitely how we would react!

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