Niall Horan Spent ‘Secret Nights’ With Amy Willerton? ‘They Have A Soft Spot For Each Other’

Just when you thought all the drama in One Direction‘s world might start to die down this week, new reports have emerged claiming Niall Horan spent some ‘secret nights’ with Amy Willerton at Christmas.

There’s never a dull day in the fandom, is there?

Yep, the rumours are seemingly moving away from accusing Zayn Malik of cheating and towards our fave Irishman sharing some nights with the former Miss Universe contestant.

Niall Horan Spent 'Secret Nights' With Amy Willerton? 'They Have A Soft Spot For Each Other'
By MazSight

All the revelations of last week totally frazzled our brains, so we’re just not sure what to make of anything these days. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW OUR OWN NAME OR ADDRESS ANYMORE.


According to The Sun, 21-year-old Nialler starting seeing the gorgeous 22-year-old ‘behind closed doors’ at Christmas time (mistletoe and wine not specified), with Amy visting his house with several mutual friends.

Being careful to keep her visits on the downlow, conveniently.

Niall Horan Spent 'Secret Nights' With Amy Willerton? 'They Have A Soft Spot For Each Other'
By MazSight

A source told the paper: “Niall and Amy have done well to keep their friendship under wraps.

“They’re private people and don’t want to highlight their celebrity friends where possible. Plus it would set tongues wagging about a relationship.

“They stay in touch but won’t see each other until Niall returns. They have never discussed getting together but they have a soft spot for each other.”

Right, so are they ‘seeing’ each other or are they just friends? This source seems a little confused, which isn’t exactly doing much to make us believe all of this.

Niall Horan Spent 'Secret Nights' With Amy Willerton? 'They Have A Soft Spot For Each Other'
By MazSight

But of course, if she makes him happy as a friend or something more, then we’re happy. We’ve got so much love and support for this lot.

One Direction have had a tough time of things recently, with Zayn Malik quitting the band after more than four years, 300 tour dates, four studio albums, and two feature films.

The star cited “exhaustion and stress” as part of his reasons for calling it quits, and admitted that he just wants to be a ‘normal 22-year-old’.

As much as we’d love 1D to be a five-piece once more, Zayn’s health is the most important thing here, and we all just want him to be happy, don’t we?

Niall took to Twitter the day after the news was announced, writing: “Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn Spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can Put on great shows / tours for you guys.

“You are the best fans in the world and you deserve nothing less from us! The lads and I arrived in South Africa this morning .

“We cannot wait to see all you SA fans for the first time and have great shows. [sic]“

Understandably, fans are now terrified that the band’s gruelling schedule will take its toll on the rest of the boys, with many responding to Niall and Louis’ tweets to insist that they don’t need a new album, they just want their fave boys to have a well-earned break.


And if anyone of them want some cuddles or a film-watching buddy, we’ll be ready. If they’re not too busy getting comfort from someone else, that is.

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