Nick Grimshaw’s Response To Whether He’s Slept With Harry Styles Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

We have to admit, we have been bloomin’ loving Periscope lately – that new twitter add-on that allows celebs to livestream to their followers.

Especially when half-naked, half-asleep celebs, such as Nick Grimshaw, log on in the early hours of the morning to be bombarded with questions about Harry Styles.

We mean seriously, we never thought we’d see the day.

Laying in bed with bezzie mate Fifi at 4.25am in the morning, the chilled out DJ announced to his fans that he was going to do a Q&A livestream but wasn’t *quite* prepared for the questions that his followers had in mind.

After answering some frankly snoozefest qs, one individual decided to get the party going by asking if he would ever sleep with Mr. Styles, which, to be honest, who could honestly answer ‘no’?

Attempting to take the super awks spotlight off Grimmy, who came out as gay in 2012, Fifi answered the question but Nick was unable to resist giving a mahoosive ‘I-know-something-you-don’t-know’ wink to the camera before collapsing in hysterics.

Agh, babes, your mate gave you a Get Out Of Jail Free card and everything.

Fans were quick to take to their social media accounts to spread the news that “Nick Grimshaw just refused to deny that he’d slept with Harry Styles” and word soon spread like wildfire.

Speculation surrounding Nick and Harry’s relationship, dubbed ‘Gryles’ by the fans, has been rife ever since the two became bezzie mates and were constantly spotted spending every moment of their free time together.

Not to mention Nick’s frosty relationship with Harry’s fellow rumoured-lover Louis Tomlinson, eh?

However, a representative for Nick came forward today to clarify the star’s relationship, telling The Daily Star: “To be clear, Nick has not slept with Harry Styles.

“Nick absolutely denies that his response conveyed any suggestion that he had (or would) sleep with Harry Styles”.

We’ll let you decide the truth on this one, in the mean time, Nick, we’d advise against 4am livestreams in the future…

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