Nick Jonas Wants To Be Chained To His Brother Kevin In Our Six Second Interview – EXCLUSIVE

We have obviously been big fans of 22-year-old Nick Jonas ever since his Jonas Brother and Camp Rock days.

But a few weeks ago, the former clean-cut child star made our eyes pop out of our heads and jaws drop to the floor when we saw that he’d dropped his trousers and grabbed his crotch for a brand new, bloomin’ hot photoshoot.

So naturally, when we heard that he was in London to promote his self-titled solo album we couldn’t resist grabbing him to take on our Six Second interview.

And to be honest, it only made us fancy him more.


1. Hello Nick! You are in London so OBVIOUSLY we are going to ask you to do your best English accent:

2. Erm, why are you doing your best Aussie accent? We’re not down under!

3. Ah! Fair enough, let’s try that again. Can you do your best English accent?

4. Wow – that’s actually really good, congrats.

While we’re on the subject, who are your fave British musicians? Are you a secret Directioner?

5. Hmm, so not quite 1D but we’ll let you off.

You are very multi-talented, if you had to give up acting or singing, which would you choose?

6. On that note, how do you warm-up before a gig?

7. Your new single is called ‘Chains’, if you could choose any celeb to be chained to who would it be and why?

8. Nice, we reckon you’d make a pretty good Bond girl.

Now it gets a little more tough – which brother would you choose to be chained to, Kevin or Joe?

9. So adorable!

Finally, we heard a rumour that your mum teaches sign language – can you sign anything?

10. And what does that mean?


Nick Jonas’ new single, ‘Chains’, is out on January 5, his self-titled second album is available for pre-order NOW. 

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