Nicki Minaj posts naked shower selfies for no reason at all

Because who doesn’t take a quick photo after they’ve lathered up?

Nicki Minaj has posted a series of selfies of herself, actually naked, in the shower.

Why? We’re not quite sure – but what we are sure of is that is just too much Minaj for us.

She just loves getting naked and taking pictures of herself, doesn’t she?

But surely, some things/bits should be kept private? However, seemingly not according to Nicki.

And she didn’t even bother to caption them… so we decided to help her out.

So may we present to you….

‘Teehee, in shower having, like, LOADS of fun!’:

‘In shower, lathering up, brb’:

‘Still here…. In shower’:

‘Oh LOOK, I’ve just put my hand on my head… in the shower. Getting a bit pruney now’

‘So…. Can I get out the shower now? Still here, still naked…’

That’s totally what she meant to caption, if you ask us.

We just hope shower selfies don’t become a thing – we’re not sure we would be quite as enthusiastic as Nicki Minaj.

Plus, we’re not sure our iPhones are insured for in-shower use.

Vicky Pattison

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