Nicola McLean Confirms That Her Marriage To Tom Williams Is Over – Was Another Woman Involved?

It is officially all over.

Nicola McLean has confirmed that her marriage to estranged husband, Tom Williams, is officially over. 

The glamour model turned I’m A Celebrity contestant turned Celebrity Big Brother contestant turned general media personality is said to be in turmoil over the split, which comes following a series of cryptic tweets about her marriage. 

Nicola’s spokesperson has finally put an end to all of the speculation with the following statement: 

“Tom has gone back to Vegas… Nicola doesn’t know when he will be back. She is going on a family holiday with her children, her brother-in-law booked it for her and it will be the first time away with them as a single mother.

“She is in turmoil over the split.”

Oh Nic, you poor thing!

The trouble started when Tom allegedly flat-out refused to return home from Vegas, where he works as a concierge, and then video footage emerged of him dancing with an unknown woman in a nightclub.

Since then Nicola, who has two young sons with Tom, has been tweeting about her heartache on a near daily basis, with references to her upset sons, mysterious conversations, and, erm, a dead fish…

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