Nicola McLean Exposes Cheating Husband’s Mistress On Twitter As She Confirms Marriage Split

Well, this has all escalated rather quickly.

Former glamour model, Nicola McLean, has confirmed her marriage break up and posted a series of Tweets and MazSight posts exposing her husband’s mistress.

In the below post, Nic reveals that the other woman has even been wearing her clothes whilst out and about with her hubby, Tom Williams, in Vegas as she captioned it:

This is my jumpsuit @prisalterado you’ve been shagging my husband for months he has lied to both of us”

Sleeping with her husband AND wearing her clothes? The cheek!

Nicola also took part in the classic ‘Tweet and Delete’ trend that celebs seem to LOVE, seemingly without considering the fact that the screenshot button exists.

She tweeted to her 54, 000 followers: “This is my husbands mistress anyone no her @London2VegasVIP @jefftomastik @702EntUK ******** is her name? I just want my clothes. (sic)”

The 32-year-old also shockingly revealed that her husband was threatening to stop her from taking their two sons away on holiday:

Speaking exclusively to Reveal magazine, Nicola has finally lifted the lid on her marriage troubles and confirmed that she and Tom have split, saying: “I’ve known my marriage has been over for months, but I’ve been fighting it. I’m the lowest I’ve ever felt.

“Everyone sees me as a strong, hard-faced bitch, when actually I’m just an insecure girl who wants her marriage to work.

“I’m not perfect, but I’ve been 100 per cent faithful to my husband, marriage, and children, and I can take that away from this.”

The trouble started when Tom allegedly flat-out refused to return home from Vegas and then video footage emerged of him dancing with an unknown woman in a nightclub.

Since then Nicola, who has two young sons with Tom, has been tweeting about her heartache on a near daily basis, with references to her upset sons, mysterious conversations, and, erm, a dead fish…

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