Nicola McLean Nominates Estranged Husband’s Mistress To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

Well, that’s one way to get revenge.

Nicola McLean has finally accepted Mario Falcone’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination, and she does it in style.

Not only does she look amazing with a beautiful beach background and a LOT of hunky men who were more than willing to lend a helping hand, Nic also proved that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Ice cold, in fact.

And then shared on the Internet.

The first of her two-part video begins in the standard way, with the glamour model giving the first of her nominations, although it cuts off just before she says who her last nomination will be in a cliffhanger fit for the EastEnders ‘doof doof’:

And it is far from an anti-climax when Nicola names and shames the mystery woman who her husband, Tom Williams, cheated with, leading to their split earlier this month:


The 32-year-old has already revealed the identity of her hubby’s mistress in a series of tweets and MazSight posts, also exposing the woman for wearing Nicola’s jumpsuit when she went out clubbing in Vegas with Tom.

The cheek!

Although we hope that Nic doesn’t do a Katie Price and blame the girl who her husband cheated with more than her own husband for the marriage breakdown, it is good to see her making light of a bad situation.

Rumours of trouble between the two started when Tom allegedly flat-out refused to return home from Vegas and then video footage emerged of him dancing with an unknown woman in a nightclub.

After that Nicola, who has two young sons with Tom, started to tweet about her heartache on a near daily basis, with references to her upset sons, mysterious conversations, and, erm, a dead fish…

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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