Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Are Getting Married

We seriously hope that this is true.

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton are getting married!

Well, according to reports in the papers today, anyway.

And we say it’s about blimmin’ time – we have been wishing these two up the aisle for well, as long as we can remember.

A source told the Daily Star that the F1 ace popped the question to his 35-year-old girlfriend at their Swiss mansion where the pair hope to eventually set up home together.

(And have loads of babies, obvs)

“It is the ideal plan for both of them and will hopefully lead to a big summer Wedding in August when Lewis has a three-week break from his F1 schedule,” the source says.

So not much time to plan…

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Are Getting Married
By MazSight

“After that, Lewis will be the main breadwinner when Nicole is not working and she will always have access to his private jet if she needs to travel.”

Alright for some, eh? When is our boyfriend going to let us use his private jet? In fact, when is he going to get round to buy that?

To think, they had us all worried after they dared to split – we said it wouldn’t last and it certainly didn’t.

Some celebs are just meant to be and we reckon Lewis and Nicole are perfect examples!

Just last week Lewis hinted that he has popped the question when he reffered to his beau as his ‘wifey’.

Now we are just waiting for either of them to properly confirm the news.

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