Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter Split-up

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have confirmed their relationship has ended and that they actually split-up earlier this year.

Hollywood’s quirkiest couple revealed that they “separated amicably this year” after 13 years of being together, but have stressed they are still friends, and that both of them are looking after their two children.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, a spokesperson for Helena said: “Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter separated amicably earlier this year and have continued to be friends and co-parent their children.

“We would ask that you respect their privacy and that of their children during this time.”

The demise of the 48-year-old Fight Club actress and the 56-year-old director’s relationship marks the end of one of Hollywood’s quirkiest couplings.

They famously had novel idea of living in two neighbouring houses joined by a communal room – something that took having your ‘own space’ to a whole new level.

Tim and Helena started dating after they met on the set of Planet of the Apes in 2001, and fast became one of the most interesting Hollywood couples (mainly due to the aforementioned quirkiness).

However Tim had previously admitted that their relationship wasn’t perfect, saying: “We’ve survived [as a couple], but it hasn’t always been easy. ‘Sweeney Todd’ was the worst; definitely the worst. But then I found out she was pregnant with Nell and it kind of all made sense.”

At least they didn’t consciously uncouple *shudder*.

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