Nikki Grahame’s Classic Big Brother Tantrums

During last night’s Big Brother: Timebomb (a show that has managed to surpass being a parody of itself at this point), legendary housemate Nikki Grahame went into meltdown after she was struck by…a bottle of bleach.

The pocked sized drama queen lost it completely after a food fight between housemates got out of hand.
Nikki Grahame’s Classic Big Brother Tantrums
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To be fair to Nikki, a full bottle of Flash to the noggin does sound painful – but life threatening? Hmmm.

After screaming at her housemates, she raged to Big Brother: “I was just really frightened. I know it started as a joke but it started getting out of control. I thought I was going to die. It was so scary.”

In case you missed the terrifying incident, here’s a six second over-dramatised summary:

But this isn’t the first time Nikki has overreacted to something, her initial stint in Big Brother 7 is stuff of legend. So we thought we’d revisit some of the best tantrums.

WARNING: NSFW, people.

Nikki vs. The Air Con

Producers of the show seemed to be enjoying a long running joke throughout this series at the expense of poor, chilly Nikki. A day wouldn’t go by when she would be storming into the Diary room, complaining about the temperature of the house. Unfortunately for Nikki, her pleas were in vain. Fortunately for viewers, her tantrums were comedy gold.

Nikki vs. Technology

For one of their daily tasks, housemates were challenged to see how ling they could endure dancing at silent disco for. So far so simple. Unless you’re Nikki, that is, who fell at the first hurdle after she failed to get her MP3 to work. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy.

THEY’RE F***ING mountainS

Every year, without fail, housemates will fall out over food. During Big Brother 7, Nikki got increasingly annoyed with housemate Richard’s consumption of cereal – describing his portion sizes in typical gregarious fashion.

Nikki’s stance on being nice to people she dislikes

Not everyone is destined to get on in the Big Brother house. But for Nikki, the idea of even pretending to be friendly to her foes was all too much.

Nikki vs. Big Brother

After a night of drinking, Nikki was called to the Diary room by Big Brother -  for no other reason than to get more classic one liners from her. Nikki, however, wasn’t best pleased after having to do the very same thing the two previous nights. Accusing producers of making her look like a ‘f*cking street parader,’ she launched into a foul mouthed attack on them – playing right into their hands.

Nikki vs. early mornings


This list wouldn’t be complete with this all time classic moment. After being put up for eviction by new housemate Susie Verrico, Nikki served up the ultimate diss to any wannabe celebrity. And with that, a legend was born.

Oh Nikki.

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