Noel Gallagher Embarrassed His Daughter Anais In Front Of Her One Direction Crush Harry Styles

Noel Gallagher might be a guitar God but that hasn’t stopped him falling into the parental cliché of being a cringe-worthy dad, and publicly outing his daughter’s crush.

Much to her dismay, 14-year-old Anais Gallagher found out that her 47-year-old guitar slinging father can be just as embarrassing as anyone else’s dad, as he let slip she had a crush on Harry Styles in front of the One Direction pin-up!

It turns out that Anais, who is Noel’s daugher from his first marriage, is a massive One Direction fan – and a big fan of Harry’s in particular.

But then who isn’t these days?

But when she finally found herself in the same room as Harry Noel managed to leave her mortified with some typical cringe-inducing dad humour.

The stylish teen model told Grazia magazine about the encounter, saying: “Harry seems really nice. I was in a cafe once and Harry came in. I’d been joking that I’d probably wet myself if 1D walked in.

“So my dad started kicking me under the table and shouted, “Are you going to wet yourself now?” I literally died.’”

*Shudder* There’s any teenager’s worst nightmare right there. And here was us thinking Noel would be an uber cool dad!

Although Noel might just have been jealous of Harry’s talents as Anais actually said that One Direction can rock it better that her old-man!

Back in 2011 Anais went to see the Take Me home Tour and tweeted: “Best night ever xx loved it truly rocked it better than my dad noel Gallagher thanks @Harry_Styles for arranging it.”

Though Oasis founding member Noel is clearly not a fan of 1D at all, and he’s previously said that the boys are “f***ing idiots”, and even snubbed them at the Brit Awards where they were politely told to F off.

If you can’t say anything nice Noel…

Anais, however, is still clearly a big fan of Harry and the band, and in her new role presenting the style section of CBBC’s Friday download she might just be able to convince Harry to come and have a chat about his stylish ways.

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