Noel Gallagher Slams Taylor Swift And One Direction In ‘Original Songwriting’ Rant

Fresh from slagging off Ed Sheeran, Noel Gallagher has seriously laid into Taylor Swift and One Direction in a bizarre rant about the quality of songwriting in mainstream music.

Sigh, not everybody can be Oasis, Noel.

The 47-year-old rocker had a fair bit to say about two of the biggest artists on the planet, including that Taylor’s songwriting skills are a bit naff, and that 1D don’t write their own songs… Erm, who’s going to tell him?

His response when asked about people praising Tay for being a good songwriter was: “Who says that? Her parents?

“Who’s ‘people’? Name these people. You’re f*cking lying. She seems like a nice girl, but no one has ever said those words, and you f*cking know it.”

For the record, babes, we’ve said those very words because Queen Tay and her five albums of catchy music bloomin’ rock.

The Oasis star then turned his attention to One Direction, telling Rolling Stone magazine: “I know Harry Styles. We’ve hung out a couple of times.

“They’re lovely lads, but I’ve got to say, I have difficulties with people who don’t write their own songs, who’ve got a team of songwriters who work for their record label.”

Which is pretty awkward considering the 1D fivesome penned a vast majority of the tracks on their fourth studio album ‘Four’, shows how much Noel knows really…

The star carried on with: “modern pop music is bland nonsense. There isn’t even a word yet that’s capable of describing it. If it was a colour, it would be beige.

“Do you know what colour beige is? It’s like a milky brown. Not for me.”

Not for you? Well that just means that there’s more for us going around, so it’s our win we guess.

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