Noel Gallagher Slams Zayn Malik: ‘Who The F*ck Wants To Be A Normal 22 Year Old?’

Let’s be honest, we were all pretty stunned when Zayn Malik announced that he was quitting One Direction in favour of being a “normal 22 year old” (let’s not get into the Naughty Boy antics that followed shortly after), and inbetween our sobs and wails we were all thinking the same thing: ‘WHO WANTS TO BE A ‘NORMAL’ 22 YEAR OLD’?!

Trust us. We’ve been one. We had no millions, no mansion, and no hotties dropping at our feet.

Basically, it sucked.

And it seems like we aren’t the only ones to be questioning Zayn’s motives for leaving the biggest boyband on the planet, with Noel Gallagher now giving his two cents on the whole palava, and he was as eloquent as ever.

The 47-year-old rocker ranted to Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s a strange thing for that lad to have done at that age. The greatest quote was – I laughed out loud when I read it – ‘I just want to be a normal 22 year old.’

“Pfft. Who want’s to be a normal 22 year old?! Hang on a minute. You can be f*cking anything that moves and getting paid half a million dollars a week, you f*cking idiot.

“You want to be a normal 22 year old? Have you met any normal 22 year olds? They’re sh*t-for-brains. What are you talking about, you idiot?

“God. All those young Japanese girls s**king my c*ck. So shallow and meaningless.

“I’ll say this to you, Zayn, you might have wanted to be a normal 22 year old, but you won’t want to be a normal 25 year old.”

Wow, talk about having a way with words, eh?

Less of the sex talk and calling our fave Bradford boy an “idiot” and we might just be able to hear Noel out on this one though.

Thankfully it wasn’t all insults between Noel and the 1D lads, with the star then going on to advise Zayn: “I’d say f*cking get a good accountant because life is very f*cking long.”

Before adding that he’d only ever met Harry Styles out of the fivesome and he’s a very “good lad” – TELL US SOMETHING THAT WE DON’T KNOW, BABES.

The former Oasis star shared: “I’ve only met Harry, who orbits in social circles where sometimes we end up at the same parties.

“Harry’s not got a great deal to say for himself, but he’s a good lad!”

He probs didn’t say much because he’s too intimidated by your crude and filthy language, Noel.

Get talking about babies, kittens and equality for all and you probs won’t be able to shut him up…

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