North West Has Another Tantrum At Fashion Week As Kanye Reveals He Wants To Be A Hands-On Father

At Kanye West‘s Adidas fashion week debut earlier this week, he had all of his limelight stolen by his twenty-month-old daughter, north West, who decided that sitting on mummy Kim Kardashian‘s lap on the FROW, inbetween Anna Wintour and Beyonce, was the perfect moment to throw a tantrum.

Thankfully for Yeezus, it now looks as though it isn’t just his idea of fashion that make Nori come over all screaming and crying, with the tot doing it again last night, during Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week catwalk.


We mean, it looks as though the toddler doesn’t even CARE about what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion world – fancy that.

Surprisingly, North’s screams managed to rouse a rare smile from Kanye, as he beamed at her and tried to cheer his toddler up, but it was to no avail, with Kim looking mortified by the whole display.

When asked why his daughter seemed to be melting into a toddler tantrum at the sight of any catwalk, Kanye offered an interesting explanation,  speaking to i-D Magazine, the 37-year-old explained: “Maybe she was just scared for her daddy.

“She just wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. Because she knows that her daddy loves the world and just wants to make it a more beautiful place.”

We reckon it’s because she was bored out of her mind, but what do we know, eh?

The very public meltdowns come as it is revealed that Kanye wants to become more of a ‘hands-on father’, which is why he is taking the tot absolutely everywhere that he goes.

A source revealed: “Kanye was so upset and angry with himself last year because he missed a lot of time with Nori due to his busy work schedule and other business obligations. That’s not happening anymore.

“No more phone calls, no more FaceTimes with Nori – no more of that. He made a promise to Kim and Nori that he’s going to be a hands-on father and he meant it.

“Wherever he goes, the family goes, including Nori.”

Something tells us that Nori wishes the places he goes were more like DisneyWorld and Ice Cream Parlours instead of Fashion Week, but hey, at least there’s no more FaceTime…

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