North West Pulls Her Own Frozen Suitcase As She And Kim Kardashian Leave PFW

Considering north West is constantly jet-setting from country to country, making various appearances at fashion Week and other high-profile events, it only makes sense that the 21-month-old would have her very own suitcase to make sure that wherever she went, she was travelling in style.

And what does the tot want? A custom made, fur-lined, jet black case with her name emblazoned across it in gold lettering?

Of course she ruddy doesn’t; all little Nori wants in her life is her very special, glittery pink Frozen suitcase.

Y’know, just like any other child her age.

We guess this kind of proves exactly what everybody has been trying to tell mummy Kim Kardashian all along – toddlers don’t want to be sitting on the FROW looking chic and stylish, they just want ALL of the Disney merchandise that they can get their hands on.

Seriously, it’s just too bloomin’ cute for words.

Despite having the undoubted power to have one of her mum or dad’s many ‘people’ lug her case around, North loved her new accessory so much that she insisted that she was the one who dragged it through the paris airport as she and her ‘rents left fashion week.

And goodness, didn’t she look proud to be pulling it along?

In fact, Nori is so proud of her Very Special Suitcase that she didn’t ever want to let it go – with the tot being papped looking a little bit less than pleased when the time came to hand her precious Frozen merch over to airport officials.

Handle with care, yeah? This suitcase is a seriously big deal.

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