Oli White Talks All Things Happiness In A Six Second Interview Special – EXCLUSIVE

We all love that lovely, cheeky YouTuber Oli White, right?

He’s always making us laugh with his hilair pranks and challenges and is basically just an all round entertaining and delightful guy.

Well, now the 20-year-old Internet sensation has teamed up with Coca-Cola to spread EVEN MORE happiness in the world, and to mark the launch of their #ChooseHappiness campaign and we decided to do a very special version of our Six Second interview.

So sit back, relax, and behold the happiest six-second vids that you will see today:

1. Hi Oli! We have already seen that you put your subscribers on Coca-Cola’s Giant Happiness Pin Board in Brick Lane, can you write something else that puts a smile on your face?


2. You’re used to challenges so things are going to get a lot harder than that, first of all, list EVERYTHING that makes you happy in six seconds:

3. Now you have six seconds to make us laugh – go, go, go:

We actually think that was a pretty good look for you.

4. Could you please tell us your funniest joke?

Erm, let’s try that again, yeah?

5. You have just celebrated achieving ONE MILLION YouTube subscribers – can you count to one million in six seconds?

A valiant effort we have to say.

6. Let’s get serious for a mo, what can people who are feeling a little bit down do to cheer themselves up?

7. Any message for the fans that will make them happy?

8. Finally, you have six seconds to make everybody here happy, do you accept the challenge?

Cor, you just can’t get enough of this ‘making-people’s-day’ malarkey!

Nothing says happiness like a couple of selfies, eh?

To mark the launch of Coca-Cola’s new Choose Happiness campaign, YouTube sensation Oli White and Coca-Cola have teamed up to find out more about what makes us happy.

For more information on the Coca-Cola Choose Happiness campaign visit www.CokeURL.com/choosehappiness or find Coca-Cola on Twitter using @CocaCola_GB.

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