Oli White: ‘There’s Probably A Million And One Weird Things That Make Me Happy’ – EXCLUSIVE

We are all used to see Oli White staring out at us from our laptop screens as he makes us laugh with his hilarious challenges, cutesy videos with his little brother, and entertaining anecdotes.

However, one thing that we weren’t quite prepared for in Oli’s latest video about Coca-Cola’s new #ChooseHappiness campaign is some of the, erm, unique things that put a smile on everybody’s face – and the YouTuber has revealed that his followers are not alone in that sense.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity at Coca-Cola’s Giant Happiness pin board in Brick Lane yesterday, Oli explained to us: “I love making my videos and I put my heart and soul into each one but I love it when I get to involve my viewers.

“For the Coca Cola video that I did they all submitted things that made them happy, and I really liked that I could include their tweets in the video.

“There were a couple of strange ones, but fair enough if smelling a baby goat’s head makes you happy, that’s fine.

“Everyone gets happy from different things – there’s probably a million and one things that are weird and make me happy but I just see them as normal things.”

Talking about the Giant Happiness Pin board – inspired by new european research unveiled today by Coca-Cola that suggests UK adults can take inspiration from teens on how to be happier -, Oli added: “Coca-Cola has created this giant living pinboard and  all day people have been pinning, posting and pegging whatever makes them happy. It’s really awesome to look at – you see the most random things on it.

“I saw one that was ‘White Jeans’, so white jeans make someone happy, I just love it.”

Well, to be fair, who doesn’t love a good pair of white jeans, eh?

The findings from the campaign appear to suggest that the younger generation are actually happier than their ‘rents, although both sides rated friends and family as their top reason for staying chirpy.

So, why was Oli so eager to team up with the brand to help encourage the world to take control of their own happiness?

“My job heavily involves trying to make people smile and laugh, so I feel getting involved in a campaign that is all about happiness and doing just that is important,” he told us, “If you have a positive attitude and you’re happier then you are just going to have so much more fun in the world.”

Dishing out the advice for any of his teenage followers who are currently muddling through the super miserable time of school exams, the twenty year old suggested: “Being a teenager growing up and you’ve got exams and loads of different, hard things to get through, you just need to try and surround yourself with positive people.

“Try and have a positive attitude and it’s also all about the small every day things that make you happy and making sure that you do more of that.”

Erm, does anybody else think that Oli should get a little side-job as a life coach? Because we think that we could definitely do with some of his positivity on our down days.

Reflecting on how cray-cray his life has become since his YouTube career seriously kicked off, the online star revealed that he never would have even dreamed about teaming up with a company as big as Coca-Cola for a campaign as fab as #ChooseHappiness.

He told us: “I was thinking the other day that it’s quite crazy to think about getting involved with something like Coca-Cola’s new Choose Happiness campaign; it’s all about inspiring people to take action and take charge of their own happiness, so it’s something I always would have jumped straight to.

“It’s also very satisfying to have the feeling of proving people wrong, there were a lot of people when I first started who didn’t understand what I was doing on YouTube and there’s always going to be sly comments here and there but it’s nice to say ‘Well, I have one million subscribers and a campaign with Coca-Cola all about happiness, so I must be doing something right’!”

But when it comes to online trolls, Oli admitted that he is rather lucky to have avoided most of them, sharing: “Truthfully, I hardly ever get bad comments or any negativity, which is amazing because there are so many people who do.

“But if I do get anything I’m not really affected because I’m happy with what I am doing and I feel like I’m doing well in myself.

“I’m twenty years old and I’m working for myself and so happy, I have so much support and if one person does say something negative then they’re such a small percentage it just doesn’t bother me.”

And do you know why that is? Because Oli’s obviously decided to #ChooseHappiness – do ya see what we did there?

To mark the launch of Coca-Cola’s new Choose Happiness campaign, YouTube sensation Oli White and Coca-Cola have teamed up to find out more about what makes us happy.

For more information on the Coca-Cola Choose Happiness campaign visit www.CokeURL.com/choosehappiness or find Coca-Cola on Twitter using @CocaCola_GB.

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