Olivia Palermo Steps Out With New Blonde Highlights Ahead Of Upcoming Wedding

Looking good, Liv!

olivia Palermo and model fiance Johannes Huebl were the talk of the town this week as it was alleged by The New York Post that the two had secretly wed at New York’s City Hall last Saturday with just three guests in attendance because -get this – German-born Johannes’ visa was due to run out.

Hmm. To be honest, the story sounded pretty fishy from the get-go.

Anyways, Olivia’s spokesperson has hit back at the rumours with the following (kind of confusing) statement: “They had always planned to have a small civil Wedding in June. The whole visa thing is not relevant. They have been together for six-and-a-half years, they got engaged this past January.

They are not married yet. They are doing a much smaller civil ceremony in the states this month and they are planning to do something much larger later on.”

 Right. So the couple have always planned to get married this month, but they are not married yet… Although they are having a much smaller civil ceremony in the states this month?

Our heads hurt.

Let’s just focus on the fact that the spokesperson has confirmed that they are planning to do something ‘much larger’ at some point because, to be frank, we would be kind of gutted if they didn’t have a massive spectacle of a wedding full of designer outfits, celeb guests and loads of pics!

Right now that we have filled you in on the rumour mill hoo-haa back to the PRESSING issue at hand – Olivia Palermo has stepped out with brand spanking new hair!

The socialite was spotted out and about in New York with some fab blonde highlights – maybe in preperation for the ‘small ceremony’ due to take place later this month? (Hurry up Liv, you only have three days before the month is over!)

Whether or not the June civil ceremony is happening, we are just going to look forward to the BIG celeb-filled, designer-ridden, spectacular one at the end of the year… We are assuming that our invite is in the post, right?!

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