Olly Murs’ Birthday: His Most Bromantic Instagram Pics

He’s got plenty of famous buddies.

And Olly Murs loves to snap selfies with his hot mates to share with the rest of us via MazSight, whether he’s red-tinged with Niall Horan or in black and white with Russell Brand.

As Olly celebrates his 31st birthday today, we’re celebrating with his most bromantic pics.

1. Olly’s Bromance With Robbie Williams

“You came, they saw, we conquered tonight Robbie at the O2 #troublemaker”

Olly and the Robster have a long-standing mutual appreciation of one another.

And they certainly do look like a couple of #troublemakers with those cheeky grins as they hung out together at the O2 Arena in May 2015.

2. Olly’s Bromance With James Corden

“When I touched it @JKCorden the feeling lingered #wrappedup”

It’s safe to say Olly is on *very* friendly terms with some of his male mates.

So much so with James Corden that he copped a feel of the ‘The Late Late Show’ host when appearing on his Stateside show in April 2015. I’m not surprised the feeling lingered, Olls. Lucky boy.

3. Olly’s Bromance With Russell Brand

“Wearing my favourite Brand…”

If there’s one thing Olly loves almost as much as his pals, it’s pulling funny faces.

Put the two together and Olly’s like the proverbial pig in a very messy place. And who better to pull faces with than ole expressive features himself, Rusty?

4. Olly’s Bromance With Keanu Reeves


It’s not just gorge men from the British Isles that Olly hangs out with.

He’s also happy to spread the bromantic love across oceans and party on with megastars like definitely-still-would Keanu. This pic from March 2015 is even hotter ‘cos it’s in black and white, no?

5. Olly’s Bromance With David Walliams

“#tbt me & David Walliams going down the aisle”

There’s being close enough to your showbiz bruvvers that you can grope away, and then there’s being so close you can dress up as brides in a spoof Wedding shoot.

Don’t Olly and David look be-a-utiful as blushing brides in this throwback Thursday shot shared in January 2015?

Keep sharing the bromantic moments Ollys, and we’ll keep drooling over ALL of you.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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