One Direction And Jennifer Lawrence Among Stars To Break Guinness World Records

They have beaten every UK artist that came before them, including The Beatles and Michael Jackson.

One Direction must be feeling pretty chuffed with themselves this morning.

Not just because they’re five of the hottest and most in-demand boys on the planet, or that they have really nice hair and the ability to sing like angels.

This time, it’s because they are officially world record breakers.

Yes, the Guinness world Records 2015 book has announced that the British boyband are the only act in the history of the US album charts to debut at number one with their first three albums.

Congratulations boys, celebratory shots all round!

The band received their Guinness World Record certificate at the New Jersey date of their Where We Are tour, with Niall Horan making the announcement on stage to the surprise of their thousands of screaming fans.

Speaking of the news, Niall said: “This really is one of our proudest moments, both for us and our incredible fans. Whenever we talk about it we always say how cool it is that we did it first, how sick is that?!”

We quite agree.

One Direction aren’t the only celebs celebrating such a massive achievement either, with other famous names also making an appearance in the book.

Miley Cyrus has also been rewarded with a record-breaking certificate, but rather than for wearing the least amount of clothes in a year, or for the most disturbing VMA performance in history, it was for officially being the most searched pop star on the internet.

We can’t imagine why.

Beyonce also got a look in with her self-titled album being named the fastest selling iTunes album and, randomly, Shakira was named the most liked person on Facebook with over 100 million likes.


Who’d have thought  it. 

And following a no doubt horrendous week for Jennifer Lawrence, she also got a bit of good news as it was announced that she had made the 2015 World Record book as the highest grossing action movie heroine, for her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger games.

Go Katniss!

Wouldn’t it be great if the next instalment of The Hunger Games saw the star in the games with the mystery hacker?

Now that would be sweet, sweet revenge.


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