One Direction Appear On Today Show WITHOUT Zayn Malik… But NOT Because Of ‘Substance Abuse’

Can One Direction please NEVER be a member down?! It makes us nervous…

The biggest band on the planet gave their millions of fans heart palpitations earlier today when they showed up for The Today Show in Florida minus Zayn Malik.

On the official launch day of their fourth studio album, ‘Four’.

It was a seriously tragic loss. 

And although we all remember Zayn for doing his little disappearing act back when he was on the X Factor as a solo artist named ‘Zain’, this time things weren’t resolved by simply looking backstage, in fact, it sounds as though he still hasn’t even left the UK.

When the four remaining boys sat down for a chat with Today Show host Matt Lauer, obviously the question on everybody’s lips was what has happened to our fave brooding and mysterious popstar, and it was daddy of the group Liam Payne who had the answers.

Liam revealed: “He’s got a tummy bug, he’s not very well at the moment. He couldnt make it over, we only found out this morning.

“We’re all really sad, and he is as well, that he cant be here for the album launch.”

N’aww, we’re sad too.

In fact, we’re totally devvo’d.

However, Zayn having the vomiting bug which appears to be sweeping the UK at the moment wasn’t good enough for the US host, who pried: “Fans have been tweeting overnight about him, is it more serious? There have been rumours of substance abuse?”


Can’t the poor lad pick up a virus without it being linked to something more sinister?

A taken aback, but increasingly stern, Liam retorted: “He’s just got a stomach bug. He’s okay, he’s just at home and needs to rest.

“We’re waiting for a phone call to see when he is back.”

Nicely handled Mr. Payne, well done.

Zayn and his bandmate Louis Tomlinson were rocked by a drugs scandal when mobile footage of the boys smoking marijuana whilst in Peru was leaked onto the internet earlier this year.

Although a small fact that is normally left unreported with regards to the controversy is that small amounts of the UK Class C drug for personal usage isn’t actually illegal in Peru, so technically neither boy did anything wrong.

Certainly not enough to have clouds of suspicion surround any illness that they pick up forevermore.

Upon hearing that Zayn was most likely spending his Monday with his head down the toilet, sympathetic fans were quick to get  #GetWellSoonZayn trending worldwide as they sent their well wishes:

We couldn’t have said it better ourself.

And here’s hoping that Zayn is fighting fit and ready to join the boys and complete One Direction sooner rather than later.

It’s just not the same seeing four boys instead of five :(

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